Corporate High-Speed Internet and Web Hosting Package

Sign up today and stop SPAM and viruses BEFORE they reach your network!

In response to a large number of customer requests, we have instituted a virus and junk mail filtering service which over the past 6 months of testing seems to be greater than 95% effective. The response from our customers has been 100% positive, and laudatory.

We unilaterally took the step of providing this service for all of OUR own domain-based customers (ie:,,, etc) to reduce the massive amount of machine cycles and network bandwidth that both of these insidious forms of Internet abuse were generating, and the amount of wasted time and down time that our customers were suffering as a result of receiving junk and virus laden e-mail.

Postini, with whom we negotiated a volume site license agreement provides us this service. We are now able to provide services to our domain-based customers, ona per e-mail account basis, the same service. This offer allows our domain-based customers to have Postini filter and sideline objectionable mail. Postini does not throw mail away, it merely puts aside the mail that looks like junk and virus mail, which you can always look at with an Internet browser , and allows you to manage that mail either individually, or in bulk form. This service is of enterprise quality, very fast and efficient, and is unobtrusive.

This service will substantially reduce the amount of time spent by employees and colleagues dealing with objectionable mail, and can be implemented (or removed) within 24 hours. All you need is one virus to take out a company computer to justify the expense of Postini for the whole office. As a company also plagued with this junk, The Internet Centre now would not be without Postini, and highly recommends this service which requires very little company resources to setup and maintain.

For more information, please call The Internet Centre at: Toll Free 1-888-450-6787